Promotion of the project in media

“Beta” news agency 25.03.2019.

25.03.2019. – Press cliping – Beta


“Novosti” newspaper 5th of January 2019.

Prof. Dr. Predrag Stevanovic

Click here for Prof. Stevanovic’s interview in “Novosti” newspaper on 5th of January 2019.


RTS How to control Pain

Prof. Dr. Predrag Stevanovic

National call for LLL course

The First Course Primary Health Care 

Inđija 23.03.2019

Dissemination of the project results

International Scientific Conference: Pain terrifying Lord of Life

PAIN – SASA program
Pain terrifying Lord of Life (.exe)
Pain terrifying Lord of Life (.pdf)

SASA 2018. Gallery


Committee for European Education in Anaesthesiology (CEEA)

CEEA 5 2018. Program HF

The 14th BISOP Belgrade International Symposium

BISOP 2018.

BISOP 2018. Gallery