WP5 is focused to strengthen the project promotional activities to disseminate the HEPMP goals.

At the all Universitys we decide to make all courses through the Center for Continuing Medical Education (CME) of health workers and associates. Our purpose was to offer specific educational activities and multidisciplinary scientific approach. In the courses we involve different specialityes (academic staff) for lecturers.

We open the attendance to a wider public and not only to the selected participants. CME spread information about HEPMP by mailing list (about 2000 mail addressis)

Through the personal contact by phone, with more than 100 medical institutions, we advise and inform management of that institutions about importance of project.

Information about HEPMP we spread through Medical Societys, on several meetings and by them mailing list.

We will use web page of School of Medicine, at all Universitys to promote HEPMP and disseminate all informations. Also, we perform a few television emissions about courses and HEPMP and importance of that activities.

Under the official web site of School of Medicine at all Universitys, we will develop web page about HEPMP and cleary emphasize HEPMP on the main School web page. On the HEPMP web page we continuously upload all informations about HEPMP.

We will make hard copy brochure with all lectures from HEPMP courses, and we make CD-rom with lectures in acrobat reader format and share to all participants of courses. Moreover, we will used it for promotional activities to disseminate the HEPMP goals.

Also we plan to share an official HEPMP leaflets, posters and brochures to all participants and wider public.

We must not forget conversation with colleagues medical doctors – anaesthesiologists, paediatricians, surgeons, neurologists, general practitioners and with a wider audience.

During the project will be published textbook of Pain Medicine, which will be promoted in all PCs and share in multiple copies in all countries.

During the annual meetings of the Society of pain in all countries will promote all activities of the project.