Notification for a meeting in Ljubljana, March 2018

Dear colleagues,


At the Kick-off meeting held in Belgrade, we were introduced to the obligations that await us during the Project. According to the work plan (event Gantt chart and WP1), the following meeting will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The meeting will be held from March 12-16, 2018. Appendix 1 to this notice contains a work plan during the stay in Ljubljana. In Appendix 2, you can see how many people are predicted for this meeting for each University. Please study this carefully, sow the activities are conducted in accordance with the Project work plan.

On the Official HEPMP Project Website ( you can find the Meeting minutes from our Kick-off meeting in Belgrade, as well as all the lectures that were held at that time. In addition, you can see the Report from that meeting.

In order to adequately develop new curirulum, I would like to ask the colleagues from Program Countries (Slovenia, Croatia and Italy) to prepare report, in writing. First report should refer to the existing situation in their countries.

I would also like to ask colleagues from the Partner countries (Podgorica, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Kragujevac) to prepare a report-analysis of the current situation at their universities, also in writing.

In addition to the above, during the meeting, we will discuss all the important issues of the Project and the activities that will follow.


Looking forward to seeing you again and wishing you success in your work,


Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Predrag Stevanović
Belgrade, 01.02.2018.


Appendix 1.

Training of existing teaching staff from Partner Countries at Programme Countries

March 12-16, 2018



Venue: Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana Vrazov trg 2 Ljubljana



Starting 12.3. at 9.00 and ending 16.3 at 12.00

Board meeting thursday at 14.00.


DAY 1: Monday, March 12, 2018

Registration of participans


Welcome address


  • Introduction of Universty of Ljubljana
  • Introduction of Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana
  • Introduction of Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology of MF Ljubljana
  • Introduction of Clinical Department of Anaestehesiology, Reanimatology and Perioperative Intensive Care, UMC Ljubljana



  • What do students learn about pain medicine on Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana
  • The organization of education about pain medicine for health care providers in Republic Slovenia


DAY 2: Tuesday, March 13, 2018


  • How did we established Pain Clinic as a part of Clinical Department of of Anaestehesiology, Reanimatology and Perioperative Intensive Care UMC Ljubljana
  • Multidisciplinary approach in chronic pain medicine
  • The role of Slovenian Pain Society in development of better pain management on all levels in Republic Slovenia
  • Visiting Pain clinic and demonstration of clinical work, meet the experts


Day 3: Wednesday, March 14, 2018


  • Modern anaesthesia in obstetrics
  • Research of Obstetrics
  • Multidisciplinary approach in pain management in obstetrics
  • Visiting Maternity hospital


Day 4: Thursday, March 15, 2018


  • Acute pain medicine
  • How did we establish acute pain service in UMC Ljubljana
  • Role of Clinical Department of of Anaestehesiology, Reanimatology and Perioperative Intensive Care, UMC Ljubljana in implementation of Acute pain service in UMC Ljubljana
  • Implementation of protocols for acute pain management in the clinical practice
  • Education of the health care providers in UMC
  • Visiting the Simulation Centre on MF Ljubljana and UMC Ljubljana
  • Board meeting – 14.00


Day 5: Friday, March 16,2018


  • Pain clinic on Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
  • Organizing the research on pain medicine
  • Publications about pain medicine in Republic Slovenia
  • Board meeting


Appendix 2.


Staf from partner countries – 5 working days: (Monday-Friday)


Serbia, UB: Project coordinator and 4 teachers

Serbia UK: 4 teachers

Montenegro UP: 4 teachers

Bosnia and Herzegovina UT: 4 teachers

Bosnia and Herzegovina UBL: 4 teachers

UCHC “Dr Dragisa Misovic-Dedinje”, Belgarad: 2 teachers


Coordinators (or their legal representatives) from Florence and Rijeka attend the board meeting only on Thursday (1 working day – Board meeting thursday at 14.00)


Florence, Italy: 1 manager

Rijeka, Croatia: 1 manager


Whole staff from Ljubljana


1 manager

4 teachers

1 administrative

1 tehnician



Notification for a meeting in Ljubljana, March 2018 (download this document)

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