First course primary health care: Acute pain – significance and treatment

The main objective was to develop LLL course about acute pain management and deliver it to health care professionals in Primary health care centers in Tuzla canton, but there were also participants out of Tuzla canton. After the development of the training material, selection of trainees, and accreditation of the course by The Chamber of Doctors in Tuzla Canton, the course was held for the purpose to give basic education regarding acute pain management considering that undergraduate studies do not include modules of pain medicine.
Objectives of the course:

  • Teach participants to explain the difference between acute and chronic pain
  • Teach participants to explain the difference between nociceptive and neuropathic pain
  • Point out the importance of pain as the fifth vital sign and the pain intensity estimation
  • Pain intensity estimation methods
  • Learn about the importance of acute pain treatment and prevention of chronic pain syndrome
  • Learn how to devide the most commonly used analgesics
  • Learn the indications, counter-indications and unwanted effects of the most commonly used analgesics

The course was organised on 09 June 2021 by the Faculty of Medicine University of Tuzla


Event report – download 

Flayer – download 

Participants  – download

Poster – download

Webinar – download



Bol u reumatologiji – download
Bolan kuk u dječijoj dobi – download
Istorijat medicine bola – download
Kompresivne neuropatije gornjih ekstremiteta – download
Lumbalni bolni sindrom – download



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