Acute and chronic pain management LLL course, UBL

The LLL corse on acute and chronic pain management was organised on 27th on June 2020. by the UBL team. The main objective was to develop LLL course about acute and chronic pain management and deliver it to health care professionals in Primary and Higher levels of Health Care Centers in Gradiska, Srbac and Laktasi, Republic of Srpska. After the development of the training material, selection of trainees, and accreditation of the course by The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the course was held for the purpose to give basic education regarding acute and chronic pain management considering that undergraduate studies do not include modules of pain medicine.

Objectives of the course:
– A historical review of pain
– Understanding and importance of treatment of acute and chronic pain
– Teach participants how to treat acute and chronic pain
– Teach participants how to treat cancer pain
– Learn the mechanism of action of oral opioids and their administration
– Get acquainted with non- pharmacological methods of pain treatment
– Learn what are the invasive procedures for treating acute postoperative and chronic pain


Leaflet – download
Accreditation – download
Evaluation report – download
Evaluation analysis – download
Certificate – download
Report – download


Zoran Vukojević Akutne glavobolje – download
Zoran Vukojević Neuropatski bol – download
Zoran Vukojević Dijabetična polineuropatija – najčešći uzrok hroničnog neuropatskog bola – download
Tatjana Bućma Kompleksni regionalni bolni sindrom – download
Tatjana Bućma Meka tkiva kao uzrok bola u donjem dijelu – download
Darko Golić Fiziologija bola – download
Darko Golić Intervetne procedure – download
Darko Golić Opioidi u terapiji bola – download
Darko Golić Procjena i farmakoterapija bola – download


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