Telemedicina pomoću Hololensa u službi terapije bola

Predavanje Telemedicina pomoću Hololensa u službi terapije bola je održano 30 Juna 2021 i dostupno je na ovde.


Izveštaj – preuzeti

O predavanju

Accelerated technological development has introduced the concepts of augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Augmented reality involves seeing the world around you that is upgraded with computer-generated text, image or sound. At the other end of the spectrum is virtual reality where the user is in a fictional, artificial, computer-generated environment. In this way, the system can create various visual, auditory, tactile and some other stimuli. The term mixed reality refers to a combination of the best augmented and virtual components. The user watches the real world and has the ability to manipulate digital content in the form of holograms generated by the device. One such technology was developed by Microsoft in 2016 in the form of smart Hololens glasses with a built-in battery, microcomputer, camera, microphone, speakers and a hologram projector. It was first used in surgery, and thanks to its performance, it could make a significant contribution to the treatment of patients with the Covid 19 virus.

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